TOP 7 Products That Hurt Your Health

getty_rf_photo_of_thermometer_and_pillsWe are going to present you the top list of the most harmful products. According to the specialist´s point of view. The using of them not only worsens our health, but also leads to the dangerous diseases and life reduction. Are you aware that improper diet offers the possibility of body shifts, including obesity and completeness, disorders and gastrointestinal tract?

1. Sausages, frankfurters, smoked meats are harmful and dangerous.

They contain carcinogens. The composition of sausages and smoked meats include bacon and visceral fat, pigs’ skins, soy, genetically modified raw materials, masked under the meat.smoked-sausages-1959

2. Carbonated soft drinks are a mixture of sugar, different sweeteners and flavors in large quantities. Sweet drinks are very caloric.beverages

3. Chips and salted crackers have no nutritional value. Moreover, they contain a large number of carcinogens.Kerupuk_udang

4. Ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces and dressings are considered to be harmful food, because they consist of preservatives, artificial flavors, taste substitutes and contain GMOs.ketchup

5. Chocolate bars, candies, a lollipop, chewy candies are also very dangerous. They are nothing more than calorie sweetness in combination with genetically modified products, chemical additives and flavorings.choc-block-pieces

6. Salt is sometimes called white death. When you are using it in large quantities, your body accumulates toxins, pressure rises and salt and acid balance breaks.Salt

7. Hamburgers, hot dogs and other fast food.

They are typically fried in the same oil which is a carcinogen. If you are constantly eating junk food, you will suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.hamburger


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