Taiwan TransAsia airplane crash lands in Taipei river

taiwanA plane belonging to Taiwanese carrier TransAsia Airways has crash-landed in a river in Taipei, local reports say. More than 50 people were onboard at the time, and a number of people were reportedly injured. Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) showed a picture of a plane almost submerged in the Keelung river.

In July last year 48 people died when a TransAsia Airways plane crashed amid stormy weather in Taiwan’s Penghu archipelago. The cause of the latest incident was not immediately clear. But CNA quoted a government spokesman as saying the plane crashed after hitting an elevated bridge.0

The ATR-72 had just taken off from Taipei Songshan Airport and was headed to Kinmen Airport on the outskirts of Taiwan, just off the coast of south-east China, CNA said. Local TV reports said dozens of people on the plane were rescued and sent to a nearby hospital and another 10 were still trapped in the aircraft.00

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