8 Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry on the Planet

expenisive-shit-2All girls love diamonds, don’t they? But do you know what is jewelry, except diamonds? We are glad to introduce you the amazing collection of the most expensive jewelry in the world.

1. Princess Diana’s ring

Princess Diana was known to be a cult figure in history. It is not surprising, that her royal jewelry, that is now being worn by Kate Middleton, costs $ 38488. Prince Charles gave this ring to Lady Diana Spencer on their engagement.Diana Rings

2. Brooch of Queen Mary of Romania

This brooch once belonged to Queen Marie of Romania, who was the granddaughter of Emperor Alexander II. It was made by Carl Faberge in the form of the heart, which is decorated by the crown.Tiara-and-Pecten-Shell-Shaped-Brooch

3. Necklace of Queen Maria Jose made of emeralds and diamonds

This is an interesting jewelry once belonged to Italian Queen Maria José of Belgium Italy. In general the Queen was famous for her huge collection of jewelry. This necklace contains 50 emeralds, and a lot of diamonds.Emerald-and-Diamond-Necklace

4. Diamond jewelry for the favorite elephant

Rock crystal, diamonds and emerald. These are the components of the jewelry which was made for beloved elephant of Maharaj. Then it was given to Spanish dancer Anita Delgado.But unlikely Princess wore it once. Why? Because it weighed for more than 45 tons.Art-Deco-Necklace-With-Diamonds

5. A unique blue diamond ring

The ring is of 6.01 carat and has oval pink diamonds on both sides, set in platinum. Pink diamonds, which are considered to be rather rare gems, weigh 0.46 and 0.44 carats correspondingly. It was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for 10 mln. dollars.blue-diamond-sothebys-HK-Oct-2011

6. Brooch of Empress Eugenie

This brooch belonged to François Kramer since 1855. Initially it was created by Napoleon III for his wife Eugenia.eugenie1

7. Diamond earrings from Harry Winston

These earrings with 4 diamonds are from the famous Harry Winston, which is famous for the jewelry creation for Hollywood superstars.harry-winston-olivia-munn-diamond-drop-earrings

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